Drawing a Comic Love Story Guide

A comic love story is something that teenagers want to have or even make. A lot of people also create a comic love story. How then can you create a comic love story?

First, create your own story about love..

Talk about the setting of the story, the characters mainly the protagonist who will take the role in the story. Do not forget the most important element of the story that is the plot. Decide about the theme of the story also. You must put a little dialogue because this is how the reader will grasp the tone of the story.

Second, Decide on the frame of the drawing or the pages. The frame will guide your readers where to read next. It will guide the readers to see the flow of reading.

Third, Draw a Sketch

The sketch will help you see which one is better to look at and in this step, you can also erase. This may also serve as a draft of the story. Drawing  technique is very desirable in this part. You can take a look at any comic pictures to imitate or you just draw pictures according to your imagination. Try to draw the most difficult part and angles before drawing the easy part.

Fourth, execute the final drawing of the story.

In this section, you may just follow the draft and make it visible and colourful by using heavy strokes or whatever. Place dialogues so that it will be more presentable to look at and it would be easier for readers to grasp the idea and the story.

Fifth, go for publishing

Publishing is your option.

Comics of love story