Different Genres of a Comic Story

If you are looking for a comic genre that you want to read, here are some:


This genre is the ever-loved type of a comic book. Everybody wants to laugh. Humorous stories will let you escape from anxieties and problems. It is not important if the story is beautiful or not for as long it is humorous.


This type will usually have protagonists performing great miracles for people. They perform extarordinary tasks for others like saving them others from destruction. Example of Superheroes include Superman and Batman


This includes portraying history, life of other people who are important in the society. Science comic can also be made talking about scientific facts, theories and many more.


These are fantastic imagination created by an artists to entertain people. This includes fairy tales, origin of something, folk tales, myth and many more. The goodness about reading this is you will have no concern in the information given them but always think they are just a product of imaginations.


These are threatening stories talking about ghosts, spirits and many threatening stories that are developed by the human imaginations. When you are reading this, your heart always pounds.


This is a novel based story that revolves on dramatic scenes, romantic love story. In fact this was popularized by the Japanese until it reached the western part of the world. Many people are addicted to this type of comic. It is like pocketbook for those who are addicted to reading pocketbooks. Pocketbooks are now outdated.