Featuring the 16 abandoned beautiful places in the world

It was written in the book of Ecclesiastes that their is a time for everything. Whatever is done and whatever happened is because their is a time that is set for it to happen. When you begin your day you sometimes plan or the night before you already set up a plan on what you should do. That is why you already know your activity and follow it. All of the activity or events that happened also in the face of the earth is according to the time that was set by the Creator.

We can relate it to the video clip above about the abandoned beautiful places around the world. The time for them to be filled with daily activity of people have passed and now they are abandoned and just wait for ruins. Although they were created with the mind to use it for a long period of time and for a good purpose but it did not last. Just when you plan to end your working time it has also its time to stop functioning and just be idle.

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