Improve Your Drawing Skill

Improve your art of drawing! Beautiful pictures are products of art, from photography, sculpture, drawing and so on. How to improve your drawing skill then? Strategically, redrawing is one way. Redraw what you have drawn before.  How will that help you improve your drawing skill? Basically, you will see the difference. Repetition sometimes helps you improve and develop.

As you draw what you have previously drawn, you can distinguish some parts that had improved and some parts that needed to be improved. It is like a mirror where you can reflect from what you have done. Seeing your mistakes, learning from your mistakes will have a great help to you. It is the time you will use erasers. Just some sort of things. Do not afraid to use erasers, meaning, to commit mistakes. There are actually challenges in drawing too so do not fear to take the risks and trials.

Moreover, draw every single day. Practice makes the imperfection perfect. The more you do it, the more you improve. But make sure that you are realistic and consistent. Another thing is layering. It makes drawing effective. You cannot come up with the whole thing at one time. You need to pile up the things that make the drawing a whole picture through layering and sketching. Your movement should be free. Just be free and relax. As long as you are active and keep on learning, there is nothing to worry. Over time, you will be a better drawing artist.

Also, draw from reference. It is easier for you to come up with drawings if you have references. Finally, watch drawing tutorials! It is not bad because you do not mean to copy the same work of art but you are going to learn some of their techniques and strategies that you too can apply in your own work of art.


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